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Yapp receives Parents' Choice Award
By Liddy Detar For the News-Times

NEWS-Times Article Reprinted With Permission

Linda Yapp’s newest CD, “For the Love of Hawaii: Songs for the Young at Heart” has received international attention. Also know as the “Lemon Drop Fairy,” Yapp and her little Lemon Droplets will celebrate the CD’s success at Cafe Mundo on June 3 at 6 p.m. The event will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nye Beach Montessori, of which Yapp is the founder and head teacher. (Photos by Liddy Detar)

Local music artist Linda Yapp has much to celebrate this year. Her newest CD, “For the Love of Hawaii: Songs for the Young at Heart,” was released this past fall, and it instantly caught the eye of the music industry. She was a finalist for the USA Songwriter's Competition for her “Song of the Humpback Whale,” and three other songs were semi-finalists for a second international award in the United Kingdom. Hawaiian Airlines requested a copy of her music to consider featuring on their flights, and bookstores and music shops from the Northwest to Hawaii started booking Yapp for events.

The applause for Yapp's CD keeps on coming, and most recently, she received a prestigious Parents' Choice Award. Sponsored by the Parents' Choice Foundation, the Parents' Choice Awards is the nation's oldest award of this kind, and among educators, members of the music industry and parents, it is respected for its high standards in selecting materials that teach with flair, stimulate imagination and inspire creativity. Judges include educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents and even kids themselves, brought together to identify the very best products for children of different ages and backgrounds, and of varied skill and interest levels.

“This CD began as a personal tribute to the islands of Hawaii, its culture, its people and animals,” explained Yapp, who, over the years, has made many trips to the islands. “I'm so honored to be recognized by the Parents' Choice Awards Committee.”

Featuring mostly original works, the CD comes with a 35-page color booklet filled with magical images of Hawaii and the children and musicians with whom Yapp collaborated. Her own talents are joined by Grammy winner Charles Brotman, Grammy nominee Sonny Lim, Harpist Bonnie Mitchell, and musicians Sam Kama and Kevin Kealoha. Of course, there are also the sweet voices of the children who accompany Yapp for several songs.

A long-time member of the Nye Beach community, Yapp is also the founder of Nye Beach Montessori, which is celebrating its 25th year this spring. She has taught more than 800 children, and over the years - both in her classroom and through the many educational events she hosts - Yapp and her school have touched the lives of many families in the community. She and her little musical friends, the Lemon Droplets, will celebrate the school's anniversary and the CD's latest success with a show at Café Mundo on June 3 at 6 p.m. This event kicks off a summer music tour for Yapp that will include appearances at Wildwood Park in Chico, Calif., at Kona Stories Book Store in Kealekekua, Hawaii, and at Parker Ranch Store in Waimea (Hawaii's Big Island). She will also make her annual appearance at the Oregon Country Fair in July.

Yapp's CD may be purchased locally at Sandcastle Toys, at Canyon Way Book Store and Red Lotus Music. It is also available for purchase online at, at, and at ITunes also carries many of her songs.

Yapp has an earlier CD, “Rainbow's End,” and she is currently working on a new project about respect for animals and social justice. “It is so much fun and rewarding to create songs for music lovers of all ages,” she said. “The awards and attention are all wonderful. But most of all, to know I've been able to touch so many young hearts through my music is inspiring.”

For complete details about upcoming appearances, visit Yapp's website at Also, for anyone interested in participating in the 25th anniversary celebration of Nye Beach Montessori on June 3, call 867-4782.

For the Love of Hawaii: new CD by Linda Yapp Receives Applause
By Liddy Detar for the News-Times

NEWS-Times Article Reprinted With Permission

Linda Yapp and friends pose for a celebratory photo following a recording session at Randy McCoy's recording studio in Philomath. The children accompany Yapp for several of her original songs, just released on her new CD, “For the Love of Hawaii: Music for the Young at Heart.” (Photo by Liddy Detar)

You can't go out in public with Linda Yapp without running into at least a dozen people she knows in Newport. That's to be expected. Having founded the Nye Beach Montessori Pre-School in 1983, she's taught hundreds of children in the community. Her school is a thriving educational center, and among other things, every year it brings to families in the area the annual Fall Carnival at the Newport Performing Arts Center, as well as the Newport Children's Festival, which is celebrating its 22nd year this coming weekend.

But even if you don't have kids, you probably know Linda - or maybe you know her alter ego, the Lemon Drop Fairy, who, guitar in hand, charms music lovers of all ages with her mellifluous voice and enchanting lyrics about nature, protecting animals, being kind to strangers and friends, and celebrating diversity and tolerance. She performs regularly at Café Mundo, the Oregon Country Fair, and the Newport Library Summer Program Series, most times accompanied by her little Montessori pupils, the Lemon Droplets, who dress up in brilliant yellow and, quite remarkably, fearlessly join her on stage for song and dance. Of course, you can also catch her nearly everyday at the little school house, using songs and music in all aspects of the children's daily routine.

This year, Yapp and her musical friends have much to sing about and celebrate. They completed recording Yapp's most recent CD, “For the Love of Hawaii: Songs for the Young At Heart,” and it has received a warm welcome from parents and children, as well as from members of the music industry.

Inspired by her frequent visits to the islands of Hawaii, the album is a tribute to Hawaiian history, culture, its animals and people. Yapp says, “Every time I visit Hawaii, I am so moved by the beauty there that all I can do is sit and sing. These songs are given in that spirit of incredible love and respect for this place.”

Featuring mostly original works, the CD also comes with a 35-page color booklet filled with song lyrics, historical and anecdotal materials, and images of the children and musicians who helped create the album.

Yapp spent years immersing herself in the local culture and music scene of Hawaii, and her album reflects this through her collaborations with several well known musicians of the Big Island. Grammy winner Charles Brotman joins Yapp for several songs, and much of the album was recorded at his studio in Waimea, Hawaii. Grammy nominee Sonny Lim sings and plays the traditional Hawaiian ukulele; Harpist Bonnie Mitchell accompanies Yapp in her song, “Lavender Snow;” Kevin Kealoha adds instruments and playful vocals to her trigger fish song; and Sam Kama closes the album with lyrics and vocals for the chants of the “Great Whale” and “Children of Tomorrow.”

These gifted artists of Hawaii join with the talents and voices of members of the local music scene here on the Oregon coast. “I am deeply indebted to my local musician friends, Joe Dobroe, Randy McCoy, and Tony Holly,” Yapp explains. “And of course, there are the children who daily inspire me.” Their little voices can be heard throughout the album, adding joyful laughter in “The Hokey Polka Hoedown” and accompanying her in the chorus of her trigger fish song, “The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a.” Or, they are a choral of angels sweetly gathered around Yapp's own soothing voice in her magical rendition of Barry Flannigan's Hawaiian song, “Lei Pikake.”

The CD has received much attention in the music industry, as well. Yapp's “Song of the Humpback Whale” was a finalist for the USA Songwriters Competition, an international award sponsored by the American Society of Composers and Publishers; three songs were semi-finalists for a second international award in the United Kingdom, and it is currently under consideration for a Parent's Choice Award. Hawaiian Airlines has also invited Yapp to submit her music, possibly to be featured on their flights. And when not at the school, Yapp is busy with a musical tour that includes performances on the Big Island at local bookstores, as well as an upcoming appearance here in town at the annual Newport Children's Festival Saturday at Yaquina View Elementary School.

Yapp says she's excited by all this attention, but the biggest affirmation of her work has come from the parents and children. Jennifer Witter, mother of two Nye Beach Montessori students, comments, “The girls love Linda's CD, but the thing I like best about her music is that my husband and I love it too. We don't mind listening to it over and over again. Now that's a great accomplishment for children's music.”

Her statement echoes the words of children's music critic John Weingart (from WPRB Radio), who once said of Yapp's talents, “Yapp wonderfully avoids the too cute writing and performing so common in this type of record.”

Then there is the recent e-mail from the parent of a former Nye Beach Montessori student. After hearing Yapp's new CD, her son, now 14 years old, reminisced, “Those were the days. You know what Linda did? She opened our minds to creativity.” Yapp considers this quote one of the highest compliments she's ever gotten on her teaching and her music. “Clayton expressed so beautifully how the two have always come together for me, how my teaching and my music have nourished one another - and how the children have been the heart at the center of my creativity.”

Yapp's creative gifts have produced a CD rich with educational value, playful, sweet, and sensitive to the culture and communities it represents. But by all who enjoy this album, the quality that seems universally cherished most is how beautifully it reflects Yapp's own spirit. Like Yapp, it is steeped in love.

“For the Love of Hawaii: Songs for the Young at Heart” is available for purchase online at, at, and through Yapp's own website,

Locally, you may purchase it at Sandcastle Toys , Canyon Way Books, and at Nye Beach Montessori School. Yapp has an earlier CD, titled “Rainbow's End,” also available for purchase, and she is currently working on a new project about social justice and change, featuring original songs and collaborations with well known musician activists.

To schedule a performance or to find out more about upcoming appearances, visit her website at


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